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Our Battle

Series: James: Be the Church


Big Idea: We all fight the same battle and the keys to victory are humility and submission to God.
1. There is a battle that rages within us all.
When we talk about a battle that rages within us all, we probably think about the battle for our minds. There is good reason for that, there is a battle that we need to wage in our minds. We must battle to keep from thinking about things that aren’t glorifying to God and good for us. And it’s not easy, is it? 

2. Who does your heart belong to?
When you accepted Jesus to be your Lord and Savior, you committed to serve Him above all else. Jesus doesn’t want to share your devotion!

Our God is a jealous God – Exodus 34:14 (for you shall worship no other god, for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God). There is no middle ground, either Jesus is your Lord or Satan, and your flesh is. When we chose to submit to God, Satan will flee from us.

There is no more fulfilling of a life than when we have committed to give our hearts to Jesus alone.

3. Once again, humility for the win.
In order to win the war between the Spirit within us and our flesh, we must humble ourselves before the Lord. It’s when we get too puffed that we are in danger of sinning against one another and against God. Pride says “I can do what God can do." Humility submits to God’s perfect will, knowing that He is in control.

Big Idea: We all fight the same battle and the keys to victory are humility and submission to God.

Conclusion: We need to stop fighting God for His throne. That may sound extreme, but pride is extreme. The effects of pride are extreme. One day we will see Jesus, the nail scars in His hand. In that instant, pride will forever vanish.

When you have turned your eyes on Jesus, there will be no room for pride. So humble yourself today.

Speaker: Dan Krause

November 19, 2023

James 4:1-17

Dan Krause

Lead Pastor

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