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Drawing Kids Closer to Jesus

Berean kids

safety at a glance


Berean Kids requires all children to be checked in via our digital check-in system.  The system provides a name tag for each child, as well as a guardian receipt to be matched for pick up.

Background Checks

All Berean Kids team members are interviewed by Berean Kids staff and must submit to, and pass, a criminal background check prior to serving with children.  Background checks are renewed on a regular basis.


Security is a top priority in Berean Kids.  All Berean Kids services are monitored by Berean’s Safety Team and all classrooms have 4K security cameras. 

Allergy Safety

We have taken special care to create children’s ministry areas that are safe and fun, so all Berean Kids environments are nut-free.  If your child has a special need or allergy, please make Berean Kids staff aware. 

Here are a few more details on these!

Check-In/ Drop-off

To create a secure environment and streamline the process of getting your kids to and from their classes, please observe the following:

  • Check In – Berean Kids requires all children to be checked in via our computer check-in system.  The system provides name tags for each child, as well as a guardian receipt.  Name tags must stay on your child and remain visible for the entire service, until checked out.  If you need assistance checking in, please notify a Berean Kids team member!

  • Drop Off – After checking in, please bring your child to their assigned class no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the service you’re attending.  This would be 9:00am or 10:45am for Sunday services and 6:15pm for Wednesday services; this allows our dedicated volunteers the needed time to prepare for their assigned service.
  • Check Out – Berean Kids requires all children to be checked out by their classroom volunteer team.  Each child will be released from their classroom when the classroom volunteer matches the numbers on the child’s tag to the corresponding guardian receipt assigned at check in; there are no exceptions to this process!  To ensure a smooth check out, please keep your guardian receipt in a safe place.  Berean Kids will accept a picture of the matching guardian receipt as a substitute for the physical receipt.  (Start the habit of taking a picture of the receipt every time you check in; this will also allow you to send it to another member of your family if they need to check your child out!)


Berean Kids desires to partner with families in the discipleship of the coming generation of Jesus-followers and church leaders.  We gather for kids to enjoy God together, grow in grace and truth, and learn to live for and tell others about Jesus.  We thank you for making this possible!

Sick Policy


We value the safety of your children greatly! We have many parameters in place to help you know that they are safe when they are in our care! 

  • Berean Kids takes allergen concerns seriously and is a nut-free environment.
  • Security team in place for each service.
  • 4K cameras in each classroom.
  • Automatic locks for exterior doors during services.



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