Welcome to Berean’s Local & Global Outreach!

Our Purpose is to

To bring the love and life transforming power of Jesus Christ to the unsaved person and the unreached peoples of the world.

Christ’s call to make disciples of the nations is the joy-filled responsibility that He has placed within the heart of every born again believer. Christ’s mission – our mission – is the very heartbeat of the Church. God invites us to join Him in His redemptive work of drawing all nations to Himself so that they might grow in Him and exalt His name. It is God’s desire for us all to be involved with Him in this extraordinary task that brings Him joy and us into a closer relationship with Him.

As you explore this website you will discover the many peoples, places, and ministries that we are collectively committed to and you can be vitally involved in reaching with the love of Christ.

Our prayer for you is that you will find the role God has reserved for you in the greatest ongoing movement in history – the spreading of God’s story, the story of His glory to the ends of the earth.

Our mission is God’s mission. Your gifts and abilities count. Please prayerfully consider where they may fit into God’s purposes. We hope that as you read through these pages you will have a clearer vision of where God can use you and your gifts and abilities.

Our Key Verse is:

“… and you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”  Acts 1:8



Awakening is a local parachurch organization that seeks to engage college-aged individuals in community, worship, and discipleship.

Awakening has grown to include regular activities like monthly worship nights, two weekly Bible studies (one at our local college campus), weekly social and physical activities, retreats, service projects and various partnerships among community organizations and churches.

Ecumenical in nature, Awakening at its core seeks to unite local evangelical efforts and has been blessed to facilitate several community events, including Light Our City, a community-wide Good Friday service, a community-wide Thanksgiving Eve service, and most recently a very unique Christmas Eve service, among other events.

The name of the group is derived from the verse Ephesians 5:14, “Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.” We thank God that Jesus has shed His light upon us and awakened us from a spiritual death, and we hope to help others see the Lord’s goodness and love so that they may encounter Him in an authentic and meaningful way.

Primary contact: Jonathan Dech

Learn more about Awakening on their website


Bethel Seminary

At Bethel University, we’re committed to excellence.

But here, excellence means something more. It means taking our faith in Christ and integrating it into everything we learn, into everything we do, so we can accomplish incredible things—in our careers, in our communities, and in our world.

We’ve been a leader and model in Christian higher education since 1871. For generations, our fusion of evangelical faith with top-ranked academics has transformed women and men, preparing them for unique callings in the kingdom of God.

Get the full story on Bethel’s history.


Boldly informed and motivated by the Christian faith, Bethel University educates and energizes men and women for excellence in leadership, scholarship, and service. We prepare graduates to serve in strategic capacities to renew minds, live out biblical truth, transform culture, and advance the gospel.


Bethel will be the Christ-centered university of choice for this century.

Rooted in faith. Committed to excellence. Bethel will become the leader in Christian higher education by building stronger communities, equipping confident leaders and gracious servants, and preparing passionate world-changers. Through our thoughts, words, and actions, we’ll demonstrate what it means for a university to be centered on Jesus Christ.


Bethel University is a vibrant, Christ-centered educational community. Here, students with a wide range of interests and backgrounds share a common goal: to become whole and holy persons. Throughout this transformational journey, we rely on core values to guide us spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually.

First, we are Christ-followers, striving to live out the teachings of Jesus and to emulate His life as revealed in Scripture. We are also character-builders. Through healthy, supportive relationships and a culture of service, we develop the personal strength and emotional intelligence to make right choices in a broken world.

As learners, we are critical thinkers and problem-solvers committed to academic excellence and intellectual rigor. At the same time, we are truth-seekers, recognizing that all truth—scientific, artistic, philosophical, or theological—has its source in God.

We have been put on this earth for a purpose: God wants us to use our talents and compassion to be world-changers and reconcilers. As we humbly and honestly engage with our own biases and preconceptions, we grow closer to understanding Christ’s infinite love and selfless mission of redemption.

In this complex and troubled world, we aim to be both salt and light—preserving the good and reflecting the guiding light of Christ. This requires a mature faith that is grounded in a personal relationship with God and able to withstand the storms of life.

Bethel University Seal

Bethel University

3900 Bethel Drive
St. Paul, MN 55112



Converge Mid-Atlantic


Jesus knew what His mission was, and He didn’t waste any time getting around to it. Everything He said,  everything He did and everywhere He went was motivated by His life’s mission. Thus, it is no surprise that at the end of His life He was  able to say, “I have completed the mission You gave Me….”

As His church – His very Body – should we be any less devoted to fulfilling the mission  He left for us? We do not believe so. That’s why everything we do here in Converge is  shaped by our mission:

 The Mission of Converge MidAtlantic is to Start and Strengthen Churches.  That ’s what we do, and we do it Together!

We are a Movement  .  .  .  Network of Christ-centered, Gospel-driven churches that are passionate about seeing individuals and communities, all across our region and around the world, transformed by the power of the Good News of  Jesus.

Converge MidAtlantic is one of 11 regional expressions of Converge, a dynamic movement of 1250 plus churches across the U.S., with global outreach in 29 nations worldwide.  For more “Fast Facts” on our Converge MidAtlantic movement,   http://www.convergemidatlantic.com/files/midatl/resources/docs/2016_fact_sheet_0.pdf


November 5, 2018

We’ve celebrated the grand openings of several new Converge churches lately. One of our newest church plants is Mission Grove Church, Phoenix, which welcomed 244 people to its October 7 launch at Wildfire Elementary School.

“It was a crazy and incredible morning,” lead pastor Jon Kragel told Converge Southwest. “From flooding closing two of the main roads to get to our church to people flooding into the worship service, it was such an amazing day. Our vision is to help every man, woman, and child experience Jesus, and Sunday was just the beginning.”

Kragel says one of the ways Mission Grove is becoming known in its community is through acts of service. On October 25, the church partnered with the Boys & Girls Club and the local homeowners association to put on a fall festival attended by nearly 800 people.

The most effective way to reach the world for Christ is by starting new churches. Thank you to church planters like Pastor Kragel who are reaching their communities with the life-changing gospel of Jesus.

New Facility in Utah

What began with six people meeting in pastor Loren and Carrie Pankratz’s living room has multiplied into The Bridge Community, a growing church of over 300 worshipers in Centerville, Utah. After renting space in a retail strip mall for five years, the church moved into its own worship building in September.

Despite being in the United States, The Bridge Community is located among an unreached people group. On a given Sunday morning, only about 1 percent of South Davis County worships in a Christian church.

While at the strip mall, the church gradually expanded from one to four retail spaces to meet its growing needs.

About two years ago, church leaders recognized they were starting to feel cramped in their space and began discussing what to do next. The church was still functioning well, and they had put a lot of work into the space. So, they weren’t ready to abandon ship just yet. But God had other plans for them.

This February, Pankratz learned the church would have to move to a new location by the end of September. That news put their planning into hyperdrive. Over the next few months, they looked at every available spot in Davis County. Finally, they landed on a warehouse that could be converted into a church — with the help of a loan from the Converge Cornerstone Fund.

“We are a relatively young church and do not have a ton of capital, so having the Cornerstone Fund step in and provide us a loan was huge,” the pastor said. “They enabled us to purchase a building where we can establish ourselves and grow.”

The new facility, says Pankratz, is the first building an evangelical church has ever owned and operated in Centerville. The meeting place gives The Bridge Community office space it’s never had, more and bigger classrooms and a sanctuary that doubles the seating capacity of its previous facility. The church dedicated the building September 30, celebrating the event with two baptisms.

Congratulations to The Bridge Community on this new facility that will be used to share Christ in its unengaged community.

Child Evangelism Fellowship

As the Local Missionary Director of Child Evangelism Fellowship® (CEF®) of MARCK (Morrow, Ashland, Richland, Crawford, and Knox counties) chapter, I would like to invite you to consider partnering with CEF to reach the children.

Our CEF Christian Resource Center is located at 535 Beer Road, Ontario, OH 44906. Feel free to call (419-756-7799) or stop in to see what resources and training materials CEF has that could assist you in reaching children through evangelism and discipleship opportunities to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).

The Lord called my wife, Sue, and I here to Ohio in 1997. We are very grateful for the Lord’s leading in our lives. He has blessed us with two wonderful children, Matt (22) and Sarah (20). We are thankful that our two children love the Lord with all their hearts.

Love for the children
Dale Baer


Camp Burton

Camp Burton

14282 Butternut Rd

Burton, OH 44021

Come and experience an unforgettable week of life-changing relationships, fantastic games, exciting activities, and amazing food. One visit and you’ll want to come back for the rest of your life!



Food Pantry Ministry

Building 2:16

200 Ashland Rd

Mansfield, OH

On the 3rd Saturday of every month, we gather as a team to show the love of Christ through delivering food.  We have consistently fed approximately 90 families a month for over a decade.  We thank the Lord for our delivery teams who go out each month.  Currently, we have around 35 people from Berean making these monthly deliveries and are in need of 2-3 more teams to help us in the “sharing of God’s love”.  Anyone who is interested in volunteering to deliver boxes or is in need of a box of food, that attends Berean, should contact Sarah DeYarmon at 419/756-3300, ext. 222.  Those that are in need, that do not attend Berean, should contact Love, Inc at 419/566-1432.

Love Inc.


The Mission of Love In the Name of Christ is to mobilize the Church to transform lives and communities In the Name of Christ.


  • Each chapter of Love INC is a 501c3 affiliation of local churches working together to minister to people in need
  • Each local office functions as a clearinghouse which matches neighbors needing short term help with area resources providing assistance
  • The clearinghouse model allows us to network with churches and agencies, minimizing redundant or overlapping services
  • We strive to offer a “hand UP”, allowing our neighbors to maintain dignity and empowering them to be able to personally deal with adverse circumstances, rather than being on the receiving end of a “hand OUT”


  • Each prospective client-neighbor participates in a telephone interview with a trained LOVE INC volunteer to discuss their particular situation and  specific needs
  • The caller is offered an opportunity for prayer with the volunteer at the conclusion of the interview, in order that we might share the love of Jesus and offer God’s hope, strength, and healing for the caller and his/her entire family
  • After the individual signs and returns some basic information to the office for verification, we relay the needs requests to partner churches or area agencies who provide a variety of goods and services geared specifically to the needs in question


  • We do not conduct walk-in interviews at the office.
  • We do not have cash on hand to help with rent, utility payments, or other emergency issues


    • We follow up to make sure that our new neighbors have received the help they need to lift them out of their current circumstances

We encourage them to become active in a local church of their choice where they can become part of a worshiping community, continue to experience God’s grace and mercy, and have their spiritual, emotional, and daily living issues addressed on a personal level.


Call us during our office hours at 419-522-1432 for a telephone interview. If you cannot reach us during those hours, leave a voicemail message and we will return your call as soon as possible.
Tuesday—Wednesday: 9:30AM–12:00PM

Furniture Ministry

Building 2:16

200 Ashland Rd

Mansfield, OH

Berean’s Furniture Ministry is a great way for the Church to meet our neighbors in Richland County!

The Furniture Ministry is a volunteer group that works out of Berean’s Building 2:16, on Ashland road. Ken Giesige and his volunteers, organize and put into action the pickup and deliveries of furniture. On four or more days each week, they meet the needs of our neighbors by delivering furniture and fellowshipping with them and their families. Our group of male volunteers often pray with the families and asked questions about salvation. They’re able to form friendships and share the gospel of Jesus Christ!

The Berean receptionist, Abby Young, communicates directly with the volunteers, relaying the information on donations. Also speaks with the recipients from Love INC, about their request. If you have an item(s) they would like to donate, call the church and speak with Abby. The receptionist will be able to take your request and inform the volunteers.

Love INC of Greater Mansfield is an amazing partner for the Furniture Ministry. For our neighbors in the community to be placed on the list, they would have to call into Love INC’s office at 419-522-1432 and talk to a volunteer. Office hours are Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9:30 am until 12:00 noon. Their information will be received and then passed onto the furniture deliverers at Berean.

If you’re a member or committed attendee of Berean and need furniture, call into the church. The receptionist will be able to take your request directly.

Volunteers Needed to help with pick ups and deliveries call Darlene at 419/756-3300

H2O College Ministry

The Slack Family

Jason, Lindsay, Carter, Maddy, & Bryce

Jason and Lindsay led a church planting team from Bowling Green, OH to Kent, OH in 2008 to start H2O Church on the campus of Kent State University. Jason serves as the pastor of worship and provides oversight and leadership of the church’s worship teams, the training and equipping of student leaders and staff members and teachers at worship gatherings. Lindsay is actively involved in discipleship and women’s ministry within the church. H2O started with 20 young people in 2008 has grown to include over 200 students and is now positioned to impact the lives of even more students at KSU.

Website: reliant.org/jason.lindsay.slack

Hello from Kent!

October 2019

Hello from Kent!

We are finally getting to a point in the semester where we can find some healthy rhythms of work, rest, and family time. The initial “blitz” efforts have slowed down and we’ve followed up with all of our initial contacts with students. I am still meeting many of the new students who have been getting plugged in with our small groups on campus. Our family is enjoying a brief “pause” in between sports seasons. This year Carter is a 7th grader at the middle school, Maddy is a 5th grader at Holden Elementary and Bryce is a 2nd grader (still home-schooled with Lindsay). These are fun ages and most of the time I actually enjoy the opportunities to shuttle my kids to all the various events, practices, concerts and games. Homelife is busy, but I can imagine the day when I will look back on this time and miss all of the running.

Fall Retreat…
Every year our fall semester efforts culminate with the Fall Retreat. This is an event we spend a lot of time planning and inviting people to. It has become one of the most effective and powerful tools we use all semester! New relationships are solidified and new commitments to Christ are made. In fact, this year we were so encouraged to baptize 4 students during the retreat! Each student shared their story with the 140 others who were in attendance and it was clear that God has been working! It’s hard to describe the level of excitement and cheers as Alli, Erin, Jenny, and Regan came up out of the water as we all stood on the riverbank. These students are now plugged into life groups on campus as they return to Kent and lean into spiritual community while their new faith begins to grow.

We invited a pastor in our network from Wayne State University in Detroit to be our guest speaker, and He taught on the Kingdom of God. It was encouraging to see our young people engage with the messages and process what they were learning in small group breakdown times at the retreat. Of course, we had lots of fun as well! The H2O Olympics is highly competitive and entertaining. The teams (based on their region of campus) go all-in with colors and cheers. I love the blend of fun, deep conversations, teaching, worship, and nature at the fall retreat. And as these students return to campus they are energized – hungry to grow closer to God and share their faith with classmates and co-workers. You play a vital role in these efforts with us as we come alongside God’s work here. Thank you for your partnership and your friendship!

The Slack Family (Jason, Lindsay, Carter, Maddy, & Bryce)






The Asp Family

Our family has been living in Kent – specifically focused on the campus of Kent State University since 2012, working through a mission agency called Reliant. We are joined with H2O Kent and the broader H2O network throughout Ohio (and the still-broader Collegiate Church Network) to reach out to the younger generations. We find many of the students at Kent State University are highly interested in spiritual things, yet they have never really initiated a spiritual journey. With this in mind, we promoted ourselves to the campus as “A Church for Your Journey,” and we focus our ministry efforts on making disciples, training leaders, and sending out missionaries.

Website: www.ericasp.com

November 2019


Blessed is the one… whose delight is in the law of the Lord… That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither — whatever they do prospers.
(Psalm 1:1-3)

Greetings from Kent! November can be a challenging month for me — with its gray skies, diminishing daylight, and cooler temperatures — but I’ve actually been feeling really encouraged so far this month. I feel like my relationship with the Lord has been living and vibrant. Our family has really appreciated the conclusion of the marching band season and school soccer season, which kept us busy at the beginning of the school year. Ministry at Kent State University has also been going well, with strong numbers across almost every area of ministry and signs of genuine spiritual transformation every week. Life will never be perfect on this side of heaven, but there are a lot of reasons to be thankful these days!

Next week, our Staff team will travel to Columbus for the Collegiate Church Network’s annual Staff Conference. This is always a valuable opportunity for relational connection as a church leadership team, and we also appreciate the chance to network with other like-minded practitioners from across the country. At this year’s conference, though, our team will also get a special platform to talk about an initiative that God seems to be stirring up here in Northeast Ohio — something we’re calling the Aspen Project — and I thought it might be encouraging to share this initiative with you and to ask for your prayer support in sharing this idea with the broader network next Wednesday (November 13th).

When H2O Kent was first established, in 2008, one of the things that led the church-planting team to choose northeast Ohio was its density of college students. Of course, we loved the idea of reaching out to the 30,000 students at Kent State University. But we also recognized that there were over 150,000 students at 44 institutes of higher learning within roughly a one-hour drive from Kent State University — and we wondered if God might want to use H2O Kent as a launching point for further missional initiatives at some point.

Recently, we’ve been wondering if the time has come to start launching. And we’re borrowing imagery from the natural world — the Aspen tree — as we start to consider a strategy for engaging all the different sorts of campuses in our area: large state universities, branch campuses, smaller private colleges, and specialty schools.

Did you know that Aspens are the most widely distributed tree in North America? They grow quickly, and then they propagate themselves primarily through their root system. From time to time, Aspens send out runners from their root system to different parts of the forest where they will basically scope out the environment for the possibility of a new tree in that new part of the forest. If the conditions are right, a new plant will start to grow. With enough sunlight, water, and nutrients in the soil, a whole new tree can sprout up and extend the Aspen grove further. If conditions are less favorable, the Aspen will come up more like a bush or shrub. And if conditions ultimately prove to be unsuitable, the resulting plant will die, even as other trees from other root runners lead to thriving in different parts of the forest.

Now that our church has rooted itself in Kent (and at the University of Akron, since 2015), we want to send out “runners” to other parts of the Northeast Ohio “forest” to see what might spring up. We honestly don’t know much about what it might look like or feel like to build a ministry presence at a smaller private school, like Hiram College, or at a regional branch campus, like Kent State University’s Geauga Campus. Still, we want to trust God and see what He might do, as we step out in faith.

With the Aspen Project, we want to empower college students to develop a sense of ownership and initiative for reaching out to peers at various academic institutions throughout the area. So we’re developing a program for paid internships (part of the reason for sharing this initiative at the upcoming conference is to secure funding). These internships would allow us to launch missional initiatives at strategic campuses in the area. Each student-intern would be paired with a staff guide from our team to travel to the new campus a couple of times per week to pray, observe, survey the population, share the gospel, start Bible study groups, and walk through whatever doors God may open along the way. It seems like a really authentic, organic way to “branch out.” We even get excited about the way that drive time could be used for discipleship conversations between the student-intern and the staff guide.

With time, we expect to see some missional initiatives fail, some to result in the establishment of new Life Groups that would function like “off-campus” Life Groups of H2O Kent, and some to result in new venues and independent church plants from H2O Kent. In any event, we’re eager to see the Gospel propagated throughout Northeast Ohio, and we would love to have you guys pray with us for the Aspen Project.

Thanks for everything you do to support our ministry in Northeast Ohio. Seriously: our hearts are filled with thanksgiving when we remember your steadfast commitment to the Lord’s work at Kent State (and beyond). We hope your holiday celebrations at the end of this month will be meaningful. We’ll be in touch…




The Schlereths

Todd & Kelly

After working as a missionary to college students for several years at their alma mater Bowling Green State University, Todd, his wife Kelley and their two children are now part of planting H2O, a campus focused church at the University of Akron! Less than 10% of the young generation know Christ, and through H2O the Schlereth’s are a part of working with the Lord to change that statistic during the formational college years. Their heart is to see students experience new life in Christ and embrace how God has made them to love and serve.


November Prayer Requests:

I don’t know about you all, but for us here in Akron, November got here so fast! I can’t believe that we are going to be celebrating Thanksgiving already. In a few weeks, you will be receiving an end of the year letter in the mail with a report on the year as a whole here at H2O Akron! So keep your eyes peeled for that. But in the meantime, I wanted to give you all some things to pray for with H2O:

Baptism Service: This coming Sunday, we are having a baptism service and Thanksgiving feast celebration; pray that the testimonies of those being baptized would impact those present and that the event would be a true celebration of what the Lord has done in their lives!

Christmas Service: December 8th will be our Christmas service, which is our last big “splash” of the semester with a Christmas party afterward. This service can have a tendency to draw people who don’t typically come around our services, so pray that through invitation, outreach, and word of mouth, new folks would be drawn to this Christmas service and party where they can experience the Gospel and our community before the semester ends!

Akron Hope: Every year, H2O partners with Akron Hope, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the Akron school system. This Christmas season, we are supporting two 4th grade classrooms, providing Christmas gifts for students in a low-income school district. We are also raising funds to help support a family to provide practical needs this holiday season. Please pray for this campaign we are participating in to help support the city we love!

Students Finishing Well: This is the busiest part of the semester academically for our students(including THIS seminary student, lol), so pray for their health in this stressful time. Also, pray that our students make the most out of their relationships before the semester comes to a close.

Giving Tuesday: As you may know, the Tuesday after Black Friday and Cyber Monday has been dubbed “Giving Tuesday.” As such, I wanted to ask if you would pray about giving a special gift Tuesday December 3rd to help offset special ministry needs. I will send out an email reminder on Giving Tuesday for those of you who would like to donate. Thank you for your prayerful consideration!


With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I want you to know how truly thankful I am for all of you. I thank God often that I have a team of people who are constantly praying for me and giving to my ministry. You are a huge reason that I am able to do the work that God has called me to! Thank you for your hearts to support the work of H2O at the University of Akron!

“Enter His gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name” -Psalm 100:4


Todd, Kelley, Josiah, and Caroline :^)


Richland Pregnancy Services

1560 West Fourth Street
Mansfield, OH 44906


All of our services are free of charge and available regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or income.

Pregnancy Testing

Limited Ultrasound Exam

 STD Testing/Treatment

After Abortion Support

Support Services 

Free Support Services at Richland Pregnancy Services include:

Master Provisions

Master Provisions serves God by connecting resources to needs until every physical and spiritual need is fulfilled.

We work in partnership with agencies that directly serve people in need, distributing resources to them. By spending less time and money obtaining resources, these partner agencies are able to focus on their core mission.

Website: https://www.masterprovision.org

KidZone Tutoring

For 12 years Berean has provided an after-school tutoring program for Mansfield City School children.  For 11 years we worked with Prospect Elementary students and this past year with Malabar Intermediate School students.  Our program is 4 days per week for 2 hours each day from October through May.  The focus of our program is one on one adult/student interaction.  We ask adults to give one hour one day per week to work with a student.  We provide a healthy snack, reading practice, homework help, Spiritual Character Quality lessons and free time each day.  We have several parties at Christmas, Easter, and the end of the year.

Image result for malabar middle school mansfield oh

If you are interested in participating please contact Pastor Bill Heaton, 419/756-3300, bheaton@bereanfamily.com

Youth For Christ

Brian Walls is the Operations Director for Youth For Christ in Cleveland.  He is responsible for training and recruiting staff; developing new areas; overseeing Events and Assemblies.

Youth for Christ/USA has had a distinctive history of youth evangelism. In 1944 Billy Graham and Torrey Johnson held a Youth for Christ rally in Chicago. The ministry of YFC spread like wildfire across the USA. Today at thousands of community centers, high schools, middle schools, juvenile institutions, coffee shops, and local hangouts, YFC staff and volunteers meet with young people who need Jesus. For more about the national movement of Youth for Christ,


Thanks so much for being one of the biggest reasons I got on the mission field and have been able to stay on the mission field for close to 25 years! I covet your prayers for the following upcoming items:

  • Missionary to Cleveland – Did you realize that the crime rate with most stats (murder, rape assault) is 145% higher in Cleveland than the National average (per Area Vibes) and the poverty rate is twice the National and State rate (per the Tallmadge Express). It has been my privilege to battle Satan here in Cleveland for over twenty years by training staff, equipping staff, creating tools, establishing new outreaches and doing outreach myself. Please pray for our outreach at the local jails (county and state lock-ups), our urban west side teen center, and various local schools – and wisdom for me as to try to guide the staff that leads them.
  • Indians Game Outreach – On Saturday, September 22nd will be our big annual Indians game outreach that we have been doing for close to 25 years. Last year, God used it to share the Gospel with over 500 young people and 69 made some form of decision for the Lord. I was blessed to interview the players (Cody Allen, Yan Gomes, and Ryan Merritt). Please pray that the Lord uses it again this year!

Appreciative of your partnership in the Gospel since the beginning, Brian Walls; Operations Director; Greater Cleveland Youth for Christ; www.yfccleveland.org


April 2019

The 2018-2019 school year has been fruitful because of the Lord and you. Brian has been able to: 1. Help with Event Management (Gospel to 400 at Indians game; 78 decisions at the All-Nighter, etc.); 2. Lead a Training day in January or the volunteers of six chapters in PA & OH; 3. Conduct Interviews with dozens and help fill at least one key position & have other possibilities; 4. Schedule a trainer for our staff almost every month for 7 years; 5. Design the graphic for our YFC bus & coordinate vehicle repairs; 6. Connect our City Life Center to a friend that has done hundreds of thousands of dollars of repairs; 7. Network our Jail ministry staff with the Cavs team chaplains for another game outreach; 8. Negotiate three locations for our Campus Life outreaches and provide the material; 9. Travel to Denver and serve on the National Council of Delegates; 10. Invest in various Youth Leaders and help with the Motus network.

Praise the Lord 19 young men at our State Juvenile Detention Center service were baptized this year!

Trips to Virginia are a delight! (Please see the photo on the left for our recent President’s Day weekend visit). College at Liberty University is going fast. Grace is planning photo shoots this summer. Faith is officially accepted into the nursing program. Joshua is playing trumpet for the school musical and about to start his pilot’s license. Maria is enjoying teaching.

Unfortunately, our support has declined over time. At the current point, we are projected to be short over $9,000 by the end of the fiscal year (June 30th). If in the short term, you can help make a special donation to help avert this deficit it would be appreciated. Long term, if you aren’t already committed to monthly or consistent donations, it would be even more appreciated. If you can’t do either, please pray for the situation.

“The Glory of God, and, as our only means to glorifying Him, the salvation of human souls, is the real business of life.”
Quote by C. S. Lewis

Other Local Partners

Compassion In Action

Contact: Kris Sparks



Emergency Response Team

Contacts: RuthAnn Chirico & Tim Miller

Harmony House, Homeless Services

Website: http://harmonyhousehomeless.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Harmony-House-Homeless-Services-108697389174177/

International Caring

Local English Camp

Contact: Bruce Dunlap

Local International Student Ministry

Contact: Tom Prendergast

LOVE INC.  (Love In the Name of Christ)

Contacts: Tiffany Montgomery & Brenda Schwamberger

Website: http://mansfieldlinc.org/


Mansfield Salvation Army

Contacts: Brenda Nelson


Nursing Home Ministry

Contacts: Tom Prendergast & Lisa Caldwell

Operation Christmas Child

Contact: Elizabeth Dawson



Prison Ministry

Contacts: Faith Kidwell & Ted Ryan

Public School Prayer Ministry

Prays monthly over Lexington Schools

Contact: Valerie Hunter

Shared Hope – STOP Sex trafficking

Contact: Susi Maiyer




Jerusalem Baptist Church, Pignon, Haiti

I returned to Haiti after my studies in the United States in 1996. We had prayed that God would glorify himself by using us as an instrument to transform lives in Haiti. Looking back, God has answered every prayer that we asked from that November day long ago.

He changes times and seasons; he deposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning.

Daniel 2:21

Jerusalem Baptist mission (JBM) began in 1977 by Rev Sidoine and Mrs. Athenienne Lucien for the purpose of winning souls for Christ. Pastor Sidoine had nine children and in 1996 his son Jephthe (the fifth of the nine children) joined him in the ministry. Pastor Jephthe has a degree from Washington Bible College in Maryland and a Master of Divinity from Trinity Seminary in Deerfield, Illinois.

Since pastor Jephthe joined JBM, he has been busy continuing the work that his father started by planting sister churches and Christian schools and developing economic structures for local families.  Pastor Jephthe seeks training for his pastors and continues to develop businesses through which church members can support their families without being forced to flee to the big city.

The island of Haiti has ten departments and JBM now has a presence in 6 of the 10. We continue to work hard for the Lord, because “we know he is not done with us yet!” says Pastor Jephthe

Jephthe, his family and the JBM staff are working hard every day to continue the work that God entrusted to them. We prayed for blessings and now God is doing above and beyond what we ask or even think of.

Pastor Jephthe and his wife Widmide “Mitoue” Lucien are so thankful that God has put them in Pignon Haiti to serve at such a time as this!

Daniel 2:21 He changes times and seasons; he deposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise knowledge to the discerning.

Jerusalem Baptist Mission

From Pastor Jephthe – May 2019

I am having such a very happy new year. Thank you very much for all your wishes at the beginning of the year. They have all come true.Dr. Paul Jorden from Bethel Baptist Church in Chicago has been coming to Haiti for over 4 years and he has been helping with leadership conferences.  He was with me for the first two weeks of January leading training for the pastors.  We took a special trip with pastors from churches of all denominations from Pignon who are part of the Pastoral Coalition, to the beautiful Belly Beach at Labadee in Cap-Haitien.  We ate, had fun and reflected on leadership principles.  We also spent another special whole day of teaching the word to the community of Haitian evangelical leaders and pastors in Cap-Haitien (CLEPH).

In the second week of January, all the pastors from the Jerusalem Baptist Mission came to Pignon for training.  At the end of the pastoral conference, we had a graduation for the Jerusalem Bible Institute. Six Pastors completed the 4-year program this year. We were so honored that Pastor Paul Jorden was there to give the commencement address.

So many of you have witnessed, first-hand, the many facets of the ministry.  However, while everything else continues to go on, it is my priority and obligation to make sure that the leaders are trained in the church of Jesus Christ, which we believe is the hope of the world.  I trust God will use this training to transform lives and communities.

There is a young man from a church in the U.S. who went to Haiti this past summer for ten weeks as an intern.  His job was to visit as many JBM churches as possible. He took a picture of every church that he visited. He also took a picture of every leader and family.  He asked about the history of the church, attendance, needs, vision, prayer requests and anything relevant to the church’s health and growth. During his 10 weeks, he visited 77 of our 121 churches.  He concluded that on a given Sunday morning, just among the churches that he visited, 40,000 (forty thousand) people are meeting to worship the Lord. I would call this the return on your investment.  We thank God for you.

Please continue to pray for:

JBM University Fundraiser – June 1, 2019, from 6 pm • 8 pm

For years we have raised money and sent JBM high school graduates to university in Cap-Haitien, Port-Au-Prince and the Dominican Republic. It has always been a dream to build a university within the ministry to alleviate the need to send kids so far away with the added cost. We are pleased to announce that on August 17, 2019, we are starting Universite Jerusalem de Pignon. To keep the cost down, we will begin with an online program where all of the instructors are Masters and Ph.D. holders who will volunteer their time and will teach via webcast. We are so pleased to able to start this ministry. For the 1st year, we will provide English and computer science courses.  Starting with year two, we will begin with programs in  Biblical Studies, Counseling, and Education. If you are in Chicago and Indiana and would love to learn more about this ministry, please join us on June 1, 2019, from 6 PM to 8 pm at Bethel Community Church, Chicago- 7601 West Foster Avenue, Chicago, IL 60656 where Pastor Jephthe Lucien will share how this University will bring new hope and opportunities to a community desperate for education, income, and employment.

Enjoy an amazing Haitian dinner and finish it off with some amazing desserts and Caribbean Punch with Sugar Cane. We will have a silent auction, including amazing experiences such as tickets to a Cubs game, and a weekend in a vacation home in Michigan. We look forward to seeing you.

JBM 1st annual family Day- July 20, 2019

We invite you to join us on this great fun day with activities for the entire family on July 20 beginning at noon. We will have hotdogs·, burgers and activities such as races, bouncy houses, and many more surprises for the entire family. At this event, we will be able to accept school supplies and donations for our fundraiser. We have a group going to Haiti in August who will able to take all donations to Haiti.  This group will conduct teacher’s conference, VBS and will facilitate a fun day for the JBM school students. Location TBD; if you are in the Chicago area and want to help with the planning of this event, please call 847-338-8326 or email info@ jbmhaiti.org

JBM AnnualFall Banquet – Please Mark your calendar for our annual banquet scheduled for November 2, 2019, from 5-7 pm.  This banquet will be at the Chapel, Palatine Campus located at 431 N Quentin Rd, Palatine, IL 60067.

Stability in the country.  We do so much through short term mission trips and most have canceled because of the turmoil in the country this year.  Please pray for our family.  One of our son’s US visa was not renewed and finances are tight.

-Financial stability and support for leaders

-The University project

-School scholarship project

-Jerusalem Baptist Mission

Praise Report

In our last newsletter, we shared that we were behind in paying teacher’s salary for the previous school year.  I am so pleased to report that because of your generous contributions combined with our annual fundraising banquet, we raised enough money to pay all the teachers for the 2017-18 school year. We continue to trust that God will provide for this school year as he always has so we won’t fall too far behind again.  At the moment we owe teachers April salary, but we know God will make a way! Please continue to pray.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to connecting with you! Blessings!

Pignon, Haiti


 Grace Church – Brovary, Ukraine

Ukraine 2020: 

Special Needs Family Camp – July 6 to 19, 2020

Conversational English School – July 20 to 31, 2020 – Need 8 Adults

See Pastor Bill Heaton or email him at bheaton@bereanfamily.com for more information.

Berean started short-term missions with Grace in 1996.  For 12 years we have lead Children’s Adventure Camps (VBS).  In 2008 we started teaching Conversational English at Pastor Boris Medyanik’s request.

We continue to teach two weeks each summer to about 150 mostly college students and young professionals.  In 2012 we were asked to help Grace with their ministry to Families of Special Needs Children.  Tanya Kolodey heads up this Grace ministry.  We go for two weeks in the summer to help with their Special Needs Family Camp which ministers to about 40 moms and 80 kids.  We send teams of up to five to Special Needs Family Camp and up to ten to Conversational English School.  Attending both weeks of ministry are possible.



Berean Christmas 2018 – Greeting from Brovary, Ukraine

Middle East

Drew and Sarah 

Drew and Sarah R. – Middle East

The R. family are Converge Global Workers currently serving in the Middle East. In partnership with a local church, they are engaging Syrian refugee families with the gospel. The ministry includes a combination of humanitarian aid efforts as well as open and intentional presentations of the Gospel. Drew’s primary responsibility within the ministry is discipleship and leadership development among new believers. This is a vital role in strengthening the local church and establishing local leadership for many years to come. God is actively working among Syrian refugees throughout the Middle East and around the world. Please continue to pray for them and that God would reveal himself to them.


Dr. David & Margalit

Shabbat Shalom friends,

Here is some local news from Israel:

This week, Israel’s Air Force struck a military base in Syria where Iran has been deploying troops and doing R & D (research and development) of military import. Israel will usually carry out such a strike if intelligence shows that weaponry is being manufactured or transported to such a base, for use against Israel. Nine Iranian troops were killed in the air raid. Iran has vowed a revenge attack against northern Israel for this and prior Israeli Air Force attacks on Iran’s growing military presence in the region.

This week PM Netanyahu was in Moscow, not for soccer’s World Cup final game, but to talk about Israel’s ‘take’ on Iran’s presence in Syria. It was reported that Russia will not interfere with Israeli attacks on Iranian troops there, as long as no Russian assets are harmed.

All this makes more sense when we realize that Iran and her allied troops (such as the Hizbullah terror group that rules over Lebanon), were creeping right up to Israel’s northern border with Syria (just over the Golan Heights). Iran and Syria have supplied Hizbullah with about 200,000 rockets which are being deployed in south Lebanon. So the Iranian threat is real. Israel could no longer live with this development, and began efforts, both diplomatically and otherwise, to clear our Syrian border of Iranian and allied troops. Iran has often stated publicly its desire to annihilate Israel, and so Israel is always on the alert about the danger.

Please pray for wisdom for Israel’s government, to know how to deal with the threat on our northern border. Let’s also pray for many people to turn to Yeshua in Lebanon, Syria, and Iran. That is the only hope for those nations, period.

God will someday turn the Middle East into an area that leads the world in worshiping Him (see Isaiah 19). But until that day, a great darkness has come upon our area. Yet there are wonderful promises in the Bible about His heart towards us and His plan of redemption.

More Personal news:

David is teaching his seminar in London this weekend. We’d appreciate prayer for safe travel there and that he’d be able to excite his students about studying the Bible.

We got word this morning from our friends in the Galilee – who have been preparing a house/center that will be used for weekly Bible training – are nearly finished with the project. That means we can begin to travel north for this training. We will be taking turns with our son and his wife plus another young couple who will be team teaching with us. We are very excited about all these young families in the north who are serious about studying the Word. Please pray that we can get this very complicated schedule worked out and that we will have the finances to help support this center.

Summer Trips

David leaves on Sunday for Ireland and England. Margalit will join him in a weeks time. This is a combination of teaching/family and baseball.

August  At the Shalom Conference in Oswiecim, Poland, David will speak about God’s perspective on this very issue. Please pray that he can be sensitive to the emotions and feelings that will be present, and speak with God’s merciful heart. Scriptures such as 1 Corinthians 13 will be at the heart of his talk to the gathered Israeli, Polish and European believers. David will teach that God wants to unite Israeli and Polish believers in love, sympathy, and prayer for each other. This could be a very healing moment for us there, so please pray that God would have His way. This is a yearly conference where 300 or so of us gather to pray for Poland, Israel, and Germany to walk in our God-given destinies.

And from there we are traveling to Romania to teach at the first ever Holocaust reconciliation conference there.

Shabbat Shalom


Cirilo & Dory Doguiles

Leadership training and development of pastors, church planters, and seminary students

Cirilo & Dory Doguiles are back in the Philippines after serving 29 years in the United States with Converge Worldwide planting a Filipino church in California.  After years of working at the denominational level in the areas of church planting, Filipino ministries, and Intercultural ministries, Pastor Cirilo and Dory decided to solidify the commitment they made 28 years ago to return home to minister in the Philippines. In January of 2014, they left for the Philippines to embark on this new ministry.

Their vision is to see that disciples, leaders, and churches are multiplied by establishing centers for starting and strengthening churches (S2 Centers) in each of the 12 district ministries of Converge Philippines/BCP. They are also involved in leadership training and development of pastors, church planters, and seminary students through teaching and mentoring.

facebook: cerdoguiles77


November 2019

We write this update in the midst of a month’s trip to the US for Cirilo’s medical follow up and family vacation in San Diego. We are also taking the opportunity of visiting three supporting churches before returning to Manila by the end of the month. Cirilo’s prostate check-up with the oncologist and the most recent PSA test result are both encouraging six months after the proton beam therapy treatment – the Lord is answering prayers on our behalf! This is also true with our ministries in the last three months and those that await us when we return.

Ministry Developments! 

Our last three months of mission engagements are fruits of months of prayers and preparations. The series of training events that Cirilo conducts continue to excite ConvergePhil pastors and church leaders.   Two churches in Metro Manila completed the 10 months Equipped To Lead program.

We had a productive first Master Teachers training for the Institute of Training in Ministry (iTIM) with 45 participants representing 5 denominations. This ministry is sponsored by the Philippine Council of Churches.  Cirilo serves as the primary Trainor and Dory assists in the logistics of the training event.

Exciting Ministries Await Us!

Here are a few ministry events that await us next month:

  • Institute of Training in Ministry Master Teachers’ Training in Tacloban and South Cotabato for BCP churches
  • ConvergePhil Church Planters Summit training in Metro-Manila.
  • Converge Philip[pine Field Mid-year Meeting in Manila

Involvement in the greater kingdom . . .
Cirilo leads the advisory task force of the Philippine Council of Evangelical churches and serves as the interim dean of the Institute of Training in Ministry. The curriculum is being implemented as a 2-year “Alternative Bible School Training System” and a discipleship multiplication system. Cirilo is scheduled to conduct the training in Tacloban for Converge pastors in that district.



New church planting thrust . . .
The Baptist Conference of the Philippine’s five-year goal is to start at least 251 churches. Cirilo serves alongside the leadership of William Taghap, BCP church planting national director.  A summit training for current and potential church planters will be held in Manila on Nov. 18-20. In the photo are 18 church planters commissioned at the sub-district conference in Burias Island, Masbate.



Again, we would like to thank you for your faithful partnership.

Cirilo & Dory








Steve and Barbara Wilkinson minister in the Philippines. Steve teaches at the Baptist Theological College / Cebu Graduate School of Theology preparing young men and women as new workers for the harvest.

October 2019


Dear Ministry Partner,

Last school year in Cebu, Pastor Ryan Ermac finished Greek 1, 2 and 3 with me. He is now extending his skills in an advanced study of the language as we read Galatians in Greek. Thanks to the technology of the digital age, our class can be conducted two to three times a week using Skype. We have discovered that this is an advantageous way to do this class because every time that we meet it saves Ryan almost two hours of round-trip travel time from his home to the BTC campus. Please pray for Ryan and the others pastors enrolled in this advanced subject: that they will have the discipline to accomplish their assignments, will find additional time for the on-line sessions with me, will preach and teach Galatians more faithfully, and will be able to fulfill their family and church responsibilities as well.
Church partnerships are vital in stimulating multiplication among the least-reached parts of the world today, especially in Asia. I encourage you to follow this link to a recent article that tells about an American pastor who traveled to Cebu to promote greater missionary outreach by the churches of Cebu City: https://converge.org/article/converge-churches-making-global-gospel-impact.
We who are part of the Asian Impact Team are asking God for a Gospel movement among every less-reached people group throughout Asia in our lifetime. We seek to develop effective strategies that will multiply churches and disciples among the less-reached areas of Asia. To this end, please pray for an upcoming trip to two large Asian countries that I will make with two Converge colleagues. I will conduct a training seminar for 50 pastors on “Preaching what the Word Actually Says.” This team will assess the possibilities of adopting ministry initiatives in these places. Pray that we observe carefully all of the crucial local realities and that we understand adequately the needs in both regions so that our Converge partners might have more opportunity to collaborate to meet the needs of the least reached of Asia.

– In June, Barbara, Paul, Tim and I flew to Anaheim, California to be part of the memorial service for Barbara’s mother, Betty Smith. We gave eulogies and visited her gravesite. We also packed up
many of her household furnishings to ship to Pennsylvania to become part of our new home.
– Paul is back at Grove City College for his third year. He still works one day a week as an in-home health care provider.
– Tim is a tenth grader at the local high school and has earned a spot on the varsity soccer team playing goalie.
– Thank you for your prayers concerning our relocation. In July we were able to purchase a very nice house in New Castle. In August we moved in. The house is a real blessing since it is has a room for my office, a bedroom for each boy, and a guest room for visitors whom we hope will be many.

Warmest regards in Christ,
Steve Wilkinson, for Barbara, Paul and Tim
Asia Impact


John & Jan Baxter

What We Do


Diaspora Missions

Everything the Baxters do seeks to expand missions to and from the millions of people migrating around the globe. This mission strategy is called Diaspora Missions.

Millions of people from unreached and unreachable areas of the globe are moving into contact with the gospel in lands with an evangelical church. Our gospel strategies are working to connect these economic immigrants, refugees, international students, and others on the shores of Europe and in the cities of North America with an opportunity to hear the Good News.

This strategy includes training Christians from the Majority World who are finding employment in unreached lands to be strong in their faith and be effective witnesses to their host population and the other unreached immigrants around them.

This emerging missions strategy has the potential to release millions of lay witnesses into lands where career missionaries cannot go and among unreached people groups that missionaries cannot contact.


John and I spent most of June and into July participating in four diaspora-related conferences. Between each one, we sandwiched in some vacation because,
well, all the conferences were in Europe!
Our first stop was Liverpool, England. The Lausanne Global Diaspora Network gathering provided updates with missionaries, pastors, and other practitioners whose goal is to engage people in global migration with the gospel of Jesus Christ. On the way to visit a Chinese diaspora church, we stopped to tour the Liverpool Cathedral with Dr. and Mrs. Barnabas Moon (above).
We had an extra day before our next conference and spent it walking around Oxford, England, then on to Darmstadt, Germany, for the Next Generation Korean Diaspora Conference. How encouraging to speak to second-generation Korean-German pastors who are thinking missionally, planning and praying for gospel impact among immigrants and business workers in Germany. (Can you find John’s name on the banner?)


We had several days after Darmstadt to visit Trier, Germany, as well as the Bastogne War Museum and areas associated with where my (Jan’s) dad was 75 years ago with Patton’s 4th Armored Division.

Next, John spoke to a resource gathering of missionary leaders near Frankfurt, Germany, then we took a train to Normandy, France, to visit more historical sites associated with the liberation of France.
Our final week was a Converge Europe-Africa missionary conference in Neustadt, Germany. We were invited as diaspora advisors to help the many initiative leaders around the globe find opportunities for missions to and from people on the move. We returned to the U.S. with a growing list of projects.

Spain Update

Working in Malaga in April, we learned that the proposed refugee ministry partnership is not operating in the way we anticipated. During that month we renegotiated our partnership agreement with Interlink Resources International and are pleased that Converge leadership recently approved the changes.

We will move forward in overseeing UN refugee-oriented mission projects for Converge and our partner organization. Because of the need to add significant infrastructure, most of this will be done in the U.S. We will also oversee the implementation of a business for mission platform allowing our Converge missionary teams to reside in some highly restricted places around the globe. Our revised plans mean short stays in Spain each year, with the length expanding as the work grows.


Art & Dorothy Helwig, GECHAAN Founders.

GECHAAN was founded in July of 2004 by Art and Dorothy Helwig who chose to do whatever they could about the raging HIV/AIDS epidemic in Nigeria. The Southern part of Taraba State was selected to begin a grassroots-focused approach to making the people aware of the problem and how they may prevent becoming infected. The emphasis on prevention.

Dan & Tina Gibbs, Current Directors of GECHAAN

The work grew quickly and grew into a full-service NGO that reaches out into the hinterlands in attempts to save the lives of as many people as possible. In 2014 Dan & Tina Gibbs joined the ministry in Nigeria. Today GECHAAN is covering eight local governments in Taraba State.

GECHANN is located in the far southeast part of Taraba State which borders on Cameroon. Having started in Sardouna Local Government Area (LGA), the work has expanded to include Gashaka, Bali, Kurmi, Takum, Donga, Gassol and Ardo Kola LGAs. There are four regional offices with managers who oversee many volunteers who assist people in need in villages

Dear Friends at Berean Baptist Church,

It is time to update you again on what’s going on with Dan and Tina.

We have been progressing toward the plan that we had when we sent the last newsletter.

Dan’s mom decided that she just couldn’t go back to Texas to their trailer at Bibleville any longer.  Since we had some time Dan decided we would go and clean out her trailer and put it up for sale.

We left and drove the first day (October 30) to Oklahoma City.  We got to the hotel at about 9:00 pm and Dan did some transfers for Nigeria and some other work and then we got ready for bed.  He brushed his teeth, spit into the sink, and when he lifted his head he got very dizzy.  I helped him to bed as he was unsteady and dizzy.  This continued all night when he moved he threw up and was dizzy just laying there.  At 7:00 the next morning I contacted our Primary Care Doctor, she suggested we go to the Emergency Room with his recent history.  We got to the ER and they assessed Dan, ran tests, and discovered that he had had a mini-stroke.  This time it was in the brain stem, which affected his balance.  The good part of this type of stroke is that there would not be lasting balance issues.  We left the hospital the next day and continued to Texas.  We got the trailer cleaned out, and Dan’s balance has returned to normal.  His speech, however, is not progressing as fast as it was before this second stroke. We made a reservation in Branson and spent three days just resting and enjoyed The Miracle of Christmas at the Sight and Sound Theatre.  We made it back to the cities yesterday, November 14.

The Neurologist in Oklahoma City said we need to meet with our primary care doctor and neurologist for a care plan for Dan.  We thought we would be on our way back to Nigeria today but that is not the case.  We have an appointment with one Neurologist scheduled for December 2 and another Neurologist for January.  We also are on the waiting list for cancellation appointments.  After we have a plan for health care we will make the next plan to return.

A new round of students has been enrolled in the TTP program and have started their training. The Global Leadership was carried out with about 50 in attendance from the community and staff. The Staff at GECHAAN is doing an amazing job of moving things forward in our absence.  We are so proud of them and Dan continues to work with Taiwo with decisions and financial things.  We are sad that we are not able to be there right now but we know that God has a plan.

Please pray for our staff as they continue a while longer in our absence.

Wisdom for the doctors in Dan’s care plan.

Wisdom for us as we make plans to move the ministry forward.

In His Service,

Dan & Tina Gibbs
Standing Beside
Visit our website at www.StandingBeside.com

Prayer Points:

Dan as continues recovery

The staff while we are away

Future planning

Wisdom in all we do.



 Matt, Audrey & Ezra Pound
Faithful Heart Foundation
Chiang Mai, Thailand



Who We Are
Faithful Heart Foundation (FHF) is an “R&R” ministry…reach and rescue. Our foundation helps break the cycle of poverty by providing orphans with a loving Christian family to ensure that they have adequate food and nutrition, and access to a quality education.

Our Vision
FHF is a Christian orphan care ministry. We seek to serve the poor and disadvantaged people in and around Northern Thailand, whose life circumstances can be improved through:
Financial Aid
Family Care
Education Training
Support Services
We strive to match our foundation resources with the greatest needs to have a lasting, positive

impact on as many lives as possible.

Orphan Rescue

The dangers that at-risk children face in Northern Thailand:
Homelessness or Poor Housing and Living Conditions
Family Loss or Neglect
Food Insecurity, Hunger, and Malnutrition

Poor Water Quality and Access
Lack of Basic Hygiene and Increased Incidence of Illness and Disease
Lack of Education or Access to Quality Education

Child Labor
Discrimination and Prejudice
Risk of Trafficking, Kidnapping or Being Sold though Exploitation and Debt
Physical and Mental Abuse
Alcohol and Substance Abuse
Orphan and Rescue Care



I try to work out 4 times each week.  It was a New Years Resolution I have stuck with for almost 2 years.

I like to follow a plan.  My plan right now is called: “Breaking New Muscle.”

It has made me think about how I grow in other areas of my life too.

A new job often has a steep learning curve and taking over as the director at Faithful Heart has been no different for me.

There have been so many things I have had to learn or relearn.  And there are still many I am learning.

Learning new things is a lot like building new muscle.

My Dad always says the view is different from the top.  What he meant was that when the decision wasn’t your responsibility, it always seems clearer.  But when you are in the hot seat, it is not always so clear or easy.

It makes me grateful for another wise man in my life, Dave Callahan, who bore that burden for many years before it passed to me.

My workout routine got me thinking about the rest of my life.

I am more convinced than ever that all of our life is a connected whole.

Our physical life, our mental life, our spiritual life—there is only one—the life you have right now.

I don’t expect to get stronger without working harder.  I increase the number of reps I do or I increase the weight I lift.

You have to break new muscle.
Why should the other areas of our life be any different?

How will I get better at decision making?
I will have to make more, and more difficult decisions.

How will I get better at leading?
I will have to face more and more difficult challenges.

How will I get better at building up others?
I will have to spend more time investing in those people.

The struggles we face in our life must increase if our strength is to increase.
There is simply no other way to become more resilient, more persistent, and more effective.

So while I groan when the struggles come, a part of me also gets excited.
Here is my chance, here is my opportunity to grow better.

There is a story in the Bible about a man who was the youngest of several brothers.  He belongs to a prosperous family but gets kidnapped and sold as a slave. Then he is falsely accused of a crime he didn’t commit and thrown in prison.

He stays there for years.

I don’t know about you, but if my problems lasted years, I would be really frustrated.

In a sudden reversal, he is released and put in a position of leadership in the government.
But his problems aren’t ending, they are only growing bigger.
The whole country faces a serious famine.

He doesn’t panic.  He plans ahead and puts people to work.  Through his vision and foresight, and wisdom, thousands of lives are saved.

The struggles he faced made him strong to face larger struggles later.

In our lives, nothing is wasted.

I am not wise enough to explain if everything happens for a reason (there is so much that should not happen but for evil people and evil intentions).

But I am confident that everything that has happened to us can be brought to serve some good purpose.

Our struggles in Thailand recently are not anything to compare to what many have endured.

But every struggle, great or small, has that potential to breed new strength in us.

Our family has battled sickness for two weeks and is finally getting better.

At Faithful Heart, we want to thank all of you who have responded and decided to sponsor a child!  We still need some new monthly sponsors.

If you can’t help right now, do you know someone who would be interested?  We are making progress, and that is a big encouragement.

I turned 34 on October 3!  It’s hard to believe.  Thank you to all of you for the birthday wishes and love.  It makes me so happy to have so many wonderful friends and family in my life.

Sienna will turn 1 on October 27th.  She brings so much joy and laughter to our home.  She is discovering her will and her curiosity at the same time.

Our good friend Gawley is getting married this month and we are so excited for him.  This has been an answer to many years of prayers.

Please continue to pray for us personally, especially for our health.

And please pray for Faithful Heart to find new sponsors for our kids.

We are attending a church camp with our Thai church next month and I have been asked to share about managing your finances.  Please pray for appropriate wisdom to share with our sweet friends.

Lots of love from Thailand,

Matt, Audrey, Ezra, & Sienna

Poom is such a sweet boy. We are so glad he is part of our Faithful Heart Family!

Steve and Nopaluck Cable, Bangkok, Thailand

Steve and Nopaluck are focused on church planting and evangelism at Peace Fellowship Church (PFC) and Santisuk English School (SES) in Bangkok, Thailand. Since 1995, nearly 700 different short-term missionaries have been involved in 4-week (minimum) evangelistic outreaches at SES that have been instrumental in winning many Thai to Christ.


SES is both an effective evangelistic tool and a high-quality conversational English educational center. We will use methods that are creative, wide-reaching, relationship-oriented, need-based, sacrificial, efficient, and self-sustaining in Thailand that engages and empowers Thai Christians to reach the Thai.

We ultimately exist to glorify God by being a significant bridge-building tool enabling God to transform lives and assisting Peace Fellowship Church to reach N.E. Bangkok for Jesus Christ.

Find out more about the Santisuk English School at: www.santisuk.org.

Ministry Updates

Hard to believe 2019 is more than 75% over. We praise God that so far this year, 9 people have prayed to ask Jesus into their hearts (average 1/month). Pray that the decision rate continues on through December. The most recent decision was a week ago yesterday. These are not the same people as the 9 who were baptized this year although a couple does overlap. There are many many more seekers. Please pray for even more hearts to respond to God’s life-saving call.

24 staff from our main campus and 3 of our branches had a great time together in fun and fellowship at our annual staff retreat on August 13 – 15.

70 believers from our main campus and 4 of our branches came to our annual Family Day on August 31.

I (Steve) continue meeting weekly with our 5 new career missionaries primarily going over the core of our ministry – Why We Do What We Do (WWD)2. Sarah Adams takes a major Thai test the end of November. Mary and Deb begin level 5 next week, and Mitch is studying level 6 at Santisuk with one of our own staff – Nui. Pray for God’s clear direction for where these 4 will serve when language classes are over in the next year or so. Rhesa has already been sent to Pakkret to help David Fewster there.

Weekly cell group attendance on Sundays (52.5) and worship attendance on Friday nights (55) for September will likely be right around those numbers for the whole year of 2019. Three of our cell groups have multiplied in the last month bringing us to a record 11 cell groups, all led by Thai. September 27 – 29 was our annual cell leader’s retreat attended by 15 cell leaders or assistants and me (Steve).

Nopaluck oversees visa paperwork for 22 different people. They get their visas from 3 sources: our school foundation, our school, and our mission organization. 40 – 50 additional people who come for only a month or two come on tourist visas.

46 people attended our annual sports outreach camp Oct. 12 – 14. A little more than half were not believers. Sports played included volleyball, basketball, badminton, dodge ball, futsal (indoor soccer), and petanque (bocce ball). My cousin, Tom Danielson is here this month and he was the camp speaker. As always, the sports camp was a lot of fun, and very tiring! (no, my team did not win….. again!)

November 11 – 15 is our annual planning retreat. We’ll review 2019 and make specific plans for 2020. We usually have a speaker come in from outside to speak to us each evening and each morning. This year, we’ll do it all “in-house”, not by choice, but I was unsuccessful in getting a speaker to come this year. We end our 5-year plan which has 6 main goals at the end of next year. Those 6 main goals are: 1) 100 members in 15 cell groups; 2) ministry and outreach focused on our students, family, and friends of members, our branches, and our extended ministries in S. Thailand and our missionary in SE Asia; 3) training 20 new leaders from within our ranks; 4) 40% of our members being men; 5) planting at least 1 new church; and 6) 50% of our people in worship, daily Bible reading and prayer, cell group, and in our Sunday afternoon Bible class.

Family Updates

Nopaluck was back in the USA for 3 and 1/2 weeks at the end of August to the end of September primarily to renew her green card but also to visit Ben, Sarah, and Charissa and also to visit with some of our churches, supporters, and mission leaders.

Sarah will be visiting us for a couple of weeks in November. Ben is enjoying his new job working for a South Dakota bank, and Charissa’s finishing up her last year of a master’s in social work at the U. of Minnesota. Steve’s dad will be arriving in Thailand on the very last day of October for his annual 4-5 month visit with his Thai wife, Noy.

The “Caring” group at Friendship Camp 2019 (I like the picture so showing it one more time)

Thanks for reading and thanks for praying!

Steve and Nopaluck Cable
Bangkok, Thailand


John and Elaine Mehn

John is the Director of the JEMA Church Planting Institute.  Their primary ministry is to cross-cultural church planting, direct evangelism and outreach, mobilization and equipping for church planting, leadership development, and spiritual renewal mentoring.

“Advancing God’s Kingdom by mentoring leaders to be part of a movement that is multiplying churches that are multiplying disciples through the power of the gospel.”

The Church Planting Institute is a core ministry of the Japan Evangelical Missionary Association. Our purpose is to foster a ministry vision for what God has in store for Japan and the world. This is a cooperative effort by missions, missionaries, and Japanese leaders and workers to see indigenous gospel-driven church planting movements fostered in this needy country. We welcome you to join us in this adventure of faith and ministry.

To view or download the CPI informational PDF brochure in Japanese click here: jcpi-brochure-jpn.

God has been doing some great things through the Institute since its inception in 1994. It started with 29 missionaries meeting with Dr. Steve Childers–a veteran church-planter and now a professor of practical theology–which gave birth to a vision for CPI. Since that time, nearly 3.000 Japanese and foreign gospel workers serving with 150 organizations and coming from over 20 different countries have been involved. There are also about 180 people from throughout the world using our internet services. Missionaries from Hokkaido to Okinawa have been involved with CPI, touching practically every prefecture in Japan.

Check out their introductory video in the link below!



Nice to Meet You

March 2019 – Updates from John and Elaine Mehn

We work with a lot of different groups of people. Here are some connections we have made over the last month. After all “Missions is Relationships.”

Clockwise from left: Elaine’s card class at Crossroad church, Japan Church Multiplication Vision Strategy Summit, Japan Baptist Rengo Pastors’ Seminar, Elaine’s western cooking class at the Mehn’s house


  1. Pray for the preparations for our very first Japanese Grace Week May 27−30. Ask God to grant wisdom, energy, and unity in preparing the presenters and mentors. Pray for registrations.
  2. We are very heavy with several writing projects right now. Elaine is trying to get out her bilingual bible study and John is working on the Japanese version of his church planting book and a new book on Japanese beliefs and the gospel.
  3. As registration for the November 13−15 CPI National Conference has opened, pray it will sell−out again! Pray for all the preparations busily going on.
  4. The new Converge Japanese Initiative leader, Brian Lusky, is visiting Japan this month. Pray

for meetings he will have with us, other missionaries, and key Japanese leaders.

  1. Elaine has a lot of preparation for our mission Field Council on April 9−11.


John and Elaine Mehn – Converge International Ministries – Missionaries to Japan

Accelerating Spiritual Renewal and Church Multiplication Movements

See more information at www.GOspelRest.com or see us both on Facebook.

West Africa


Bill and Kathy M.

Serving with Converge in the capital city of a West African country, predominantly Muslim

4 students from a bible study having lunch at our house

Ministry summary 

Bill: University student outreach through teaching English as a foreign language

  • leading discussions on Biblical topics, themes, and passages
  • developing relationships with particular students
  • studying the Bible with them
  • the long-term goal is to see an expanding network of house churches

Kathy: Teaching high school and middle school art at the school for missionary children

  • eighty percent of the student body are missionary kids, whose parents serve all over West Africa
  • to be a godly example to the students in all that she does and says (for some students, the school is the only exposure they have to a Christian worldview)
  • hosting Bill’s students for meals and providing support for special events and visiting teams

Bill (far left, back) with students and visiting volunteers at January 2018 English Camp

Country facts:

  • a population of about 14 million, 95% Muslim, 4% Catholic
  • two largest people groups are unreached, with only 100 believers or so in each
  • freedom of religion, but social & family ostracism for those who become Jesus-followers
  • politically stable, with the democratically-elected president & Parliament
  • the very high unemployment rate, common for one wage earner to support the extended family of 12-15 persons
  • a developing country, with slowly improving infrastructure

Please check out their introductory video in the link below!!


Dominican Republic

Paul and Linda McMillan

Fountain of Life Christian School

Our mission is to provide children with an unmistakable inner conviction of who they are, what their life purpose is, and where they will go to in eternity as defined in the irrefutable Word of God.

Our purpose is to prepare citizens to be fully equipped academically, morally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

We help students define and fulfill their life goals by acquiring the intrinsic values of individual achievement, patriotic support, personal independence, family loyalties and productive contributions to the local and global communities.

The benefits of our school include:

    • Education with a higher worldview rooted in the Word of God
    • The pursuit of excellence above the lower standards of public schools
    • Superior English classes, with access to native English speakers
    • Caring teachers committed to the spiritual, academic, and personal development of the students
    • Computer classes taught in a modern computer lab
  • A close-knit community where students are always safe and welcome to play with friends

Students come to know God personally through Jesus Christ



What’s Happening in Juan Tomas?

October 23, 2019


From the Fountain of Life School

Just to inform you of our procedure at the Fountain of Life School, we generally follow the Minister of Education’s school schedule for the school year with suggestions for our emphases during the school year for each month.  September is recognized as the month of the Bible since one of the first Spanish Bible’s to be printed was finished in the month of September many years ago.  This allows us to give this emphasis in different ways in the classrooms. We praise the Lord for the freedom of religion we have here to do this.

October is the month to celebrate the different cultures represented here from different countries of the world that influenced the Dominican Republic.  Last week, each high school classroom was transformed into a different culture, complete with decorations, costumes, and presentations that informed of that culture.

We certainly have some very creative students. They were able to represent first, the original Indian culture – Taino, the Spanish culture, then the African culture, the Dominican culture, the Catholic culture and the culture of Christopher Columbus.

To update the new construction, the two levels of classrooms are receiving.

Juan Tomas Bible Church

Several of our advanced English-speaking students are presently translating for the U.S. Navy hospital ship (USNS) Comfort that is here receiving patients from the Dominican Republic. It’s a blessing to see how the Lord has helped us prepare these young men and women to serve Him in this way.

The Lord willing, we would like to ordain several men as deacons in the near future. This will help us to be better organized as a church and enable some of our gifted young men to serve the Lord in this way.


Continue to pray for our Haitian family, Pierre, and Liliana, as they prepare to move here, in order to better support their family as well as help us with the ever-increasing number of Haitians in our area.  It will cost this family about US$930 to make this move legally. There will be other expenses in getting set up in a house that is available near us.  We would like to see them come before December, if possible. Pray for them as they make arrangements for other servants of the Lord to take over the ministry of their small church there in Haiti.

Continue praying for this ministry.

Thank you for your prayers.

Paul, for the team in Juan Tomas.

Dave & Stephanie Connell

David and Stephanie Connell desire to see the transformation of lives, families, and communities across the least-reached peoples in Latin America for the glory and worship of God.

They will recruit and strengthen leaders who will pursue the vision of reaching the least-reached peoples in the region (or across the world).

David, as Converge’s Church Strengthening Team Leader for Latin America, will provide regional strategic leadership, ensure team development/ guidance/health, ensure appropriate resources for effectiveness, and drive collaborative relationships.

Stephanie will home-school their children, teach the next generation of leaders at the local Christian school, and serve at their home church.

They invite you to partner with them through your prayers and financial support on this exciting mission!



October 2019

The primary area of focus for us in Latin America & the Caribbean, ultimately, is coming alongside current & future leaders to develop & equip them to multiply their impact for Christ, especially among least-reached peoples. That may come through training events, one-on-one mentoring, group meetings, outreach activities, teaching classes, strategic planning, etc. Our team may do the development ourselves or partner with organizations or individual trainers with specific areas of expertise. Below are examples of some recent engagements we have had with leaders.


David has invested time with 29-year-old Graviel in La Romana. His leg was amputated when he was run over by a train at the age of 6. He struggled with self-worth and depression growing up, but two things forever changed his life: 1) A committed life walking with Jesus, and 2) a prosthetic leg.

With new hope and a heart for those who face the same battle as him (such as the boy above whose dad chopped off his arm with a machete), he began to serve them in various ways. In 2017, the Lord called him to start a ministry to provide a prosthetic to those who can’t afford it and share the good news of Jesus.

David is working with Graviel to not only help his new work but to help him consider how he can impact people and places where the good news has yet to penetrate. Pray for Graviel and his wife as they are now focusing on this full-time.

LEADERSHIP ENGAGEMENT – Organization / Management

We engaged with a leader and author from Argentina named German (pronounced “Hayr-mon”). God has blessed German’s effort to lead a team of over 50 people to share the good news of Jesus across Latin America, but German feels he has hit a ceiling and is limited by his current ‘management’ approach.

We believe German has great potential to multiply the impact his team is making, so David and others will be traveling to Argentina to further vet the dynamics of the ministry and determine how to best help him and his team with leadership & organization development. What an honor to help others move from bearing fruit to bearing much fruit! Pray for German and his family.


We recently engaged with Karel from Cuba and Carlos from the Dominican Republic. Both of them are school teachers and ministry leaders who have a passion to see a deep understanding and following of Jesus embraced all across their countries. And they are willing to figure out how to help make it happen! Always exciting to see a leader’s heart-desire for an expanded vision and greater impact!

We began discussions on what is on their hearts and some potential approaches that could be taken and training resources that could be considered to refine/equip/accelerate their vision. We will continue to work through this process with them and see how the Lord unfolds things over time. Pray for Carlos’ & Karel’s boldness.


We are not only helping other leaders, but we are also learning from other leaders.

David appreciated the time he was able to spend with Pastor Andrew Brunson and his wife Norine, who spent time in a Turkish prison. The discussions and prayer time with them relative to spiritual battles were truly invaluable and treasured. The next day, Norine gave us a copy of their new book, God’s Hostage, which we have read and highly recommend.

What a wonderful opportunity to learn from those who have gone before us in the good fight of faith!

Prayer Requests:

  • For our family to learn the language and culture as soon as possible
  • For the leading of the Spirit and the Word to continue to guide us in all things
  • For strong new relationships (ministerial & personal)

…we are on the ground, you are equipping us, and both of us are doing battle in prayer…

Check out our conversation on YouTube!




To see a growing Church in the Middle East and North Africa, confident in Christian faith and witness, serving the community and contributing to the good of society and culture.


To provide the churches and Christians of the Middle East and North Africa an opportunity to witness to Jesus Christ through inspirational, informative, and educational television services.

We’re making God’s love visible to 21 million viewers across the Middle East and

North Africa through Christian satellite television. A potential audience of 500 million people can hear the Truth in their heart languages of Arabic, Farsi, and Turkish.

  • SAT-7 Turk – In 2014, SAT-7 was granted a 10-year license to broadcast in Turkish, the only Christian television channel on the Turksat satellite – available to more than 55 million people.  This channel has been on-air since early 2015 with very encouraging response and growth!
  • SAT-7 PARS – After a year of prayerful negotiations with a company in the Arab Gulf, the hugely popular Yashat satellite system, SAT-7 PARS was accepted – here too, the only Christian channel on this satellite system.  Consequently, over the past 12 months, the counseling centers have seen a huge increase in responses from viewers not only in Iran but especially from Afganistan.
  • SAT-7 ACADEMY – In response to an incredibly widespread and acute need for education, and led by the Holy Spirit, doors opened to launch this breakthrough channel.  The broadcasts bring the classroom, life skills, hope, and light to 20 million Arabic speaking children not currently receiving any proper schooling.  Parents are deeply grateful.


About globalLead

Founded in 1997, globalLead has trained over 15,000 Christian ministry leaders from 50 different countries around the globe. Our mission takes a unique approach of focusing on exponential multiplication of impact by skipping the step of sending a foreign missionary. We focus on developing local indigenous leaders so that they can reach and disciple others in their sphere of influence. This approach has enabled a huge global movement to occur with relatively low financial cost. 

The purpose of globalLead is to serve those in ministry through training and mentorship in order to position Christian leaders for multiplication.

At globalLead, we offer both heart and skill-based training opportunities for a variety of church ministry leaders. We value the holistic leadership principle from Psalm 78:72:

“With upright heart he shepherded them and guided them with his skillful hand.”

We offer three series of training currently that are designed to provide follow up and multiplication, not just a one-time event. Feel free to contact us about supporting the ministry or hosting an event by using the contact form at the bottom of the home page.

Church Ministry Leadership (for Pastors and Church Ministry Leaders): There is no better example of life and ministry than Jesus Himself. In our Church Ministry Leadership events, we explore the life and ministry of Christ and develop plans and programs for our churches in a team environment (when possible) in order for church leaders to be in sync with one another as they lead in ministry. These trainings offer local pastors and ministry leaders (when possible) the timeless principles from the life of Christ that have worked in a multitude of settings globally throughout history. (Church Ministry Leadership for Pastors and Church Ministry Leaders)

Heart of the Leader: With leaders leaving the ministry at an alarming rate we are tackling the needs of those in full-time ministry head-on with soul care events for full-time leaders and their spouse (if possible). Top leaders need a secure environment to process their life and ministry in a way that re-energizes them and puts them on a life-long healthy trajectory. Utilizing Biblical teaching and engagement as well as group camaraderie, we have seen God do great work in the lives of leaders. Heart of the Leader (Soul Care for Full-time Leaders in Ministry)

Youth Ministry Leadership Trainings: This series of trainings are offered for those leading the youth ministry in their churches. Whether youth pastor, leadership teams or both, participating leaders will be engaged in Biblical and transferable principles with local examples in order to develop a workable one-year ministry plan. Additional seminars enable times for evaluation, mentoring and follow-up. Youth Ministry Leadership Training (for those responsible for leading in youth ministry)

Chris & Penny Davis, Founder of globalLead

Website: http://globallead.world


November 2019

It’s All About People!

All that we do at globalLead is centered around people. Not in a self-focused way, but in a Biblical, God-honoring way. God created people and they matter to Him. People matter to God, to us at globalLead, and to you as partners. The last few months have been an amazing journey centered around God’s incredible people around the globe. Space does not allow me to share all of these God-stories through globalLead, but let me offer just a few!

Peter and Joyson – India

I first met Peter Shindhe at a conference of youth ministry leaders in Rome, Italy. “It just happened” that Peter and I were put in the same hotel room at the conference. Through that week Peter shared how his only son had just recently died from heart complications at a young age. He was devastated. I was able to minister to Peter that week and for years to come. Fast forward as we began to work together on projects in India at other events, where I met Joyson. Over time, both
Peter and Joyson approached me about bringing top global ministry leaders to teach at an India Institute of Youth Ministry Leadership. This was a dream of theirs. I partnered them with another group that I work with called the Global Youth coalition, a group of 5 other experienced youth ministry training organizations that has a combined 200 years of ministry experience in over 100 countries globally! This Insitute will launch in 2020 with our Heart of the Leader team providing their first course there!
You can tell by the smile on Peter and Joyson’s face that they are excited for your partnership in seeing leaders ministered to, receive mentoring, and positioned to multiply throughout the sub-continent of India!

Winny Oyamo-Twomby – Kenya

Over 20 years ago I took my very first trip to the continent of Africa. Little did I know of the impact that our ministry together through globalLead would have. On a recent trip to New Hampshire, I was able to catch up with Winny Oyamo-Twomby. Winny grew up in a rural region in Kenya. While atttending church in the city of Kericho, “she happened” to have a youth pastor, named Nick Korir, who had just gone through globalLead’s Level 1 training. Nick has become one of the most respected pastors and former youth pastors in the entire country (a story for another day). Winny was attending this fledgling youth ministry of just a handful of young people, when her globalLead trained youth minister, asked the teens to help him decide on Biblical programs that would help young people come to Christ, be discipled, and grow to be leaders in their churches and communities. Winny tells the story that even today, 20 years later, she remembers the notebook from globalLead that Nick showed the teens. He challenged them to plan events, to put them into action with very specific goals, and to evaluate them to be sure they were guiding the ministry toward a Biblical, Christ-centered ministry impact. Fast forward to today. Winny is now living in New Hampshire where she is married with 2 children, has her doctoral degree in educational leadership, and serves on staff at a local college. Winny stated that “I still use the principles of goal setting and planning that was taught to me, that you Chris, taught to Nick over 20 years ago, in Kenya. I not only use them personally but on a daily basis I have the opportunity to use them when I counsel students on their future educational and career plans!” Winny has been so deeply impacted that she has begun to share the ministry of globalLead with others so they too can influence others with their prayers and support as you do!


Mulat Betsegaw – Ethiopia and Pakistan

As I was writing this ministry update, I received a message from one of my students from Ethiopia.
Mulat is in a master’s degree program that I helped set up in Ethiopia. Last February I taught Mulat
and his classmates using our globalLead Level 1 material. He has already trained other leaders in
Ethiopia with what he has learned and put into practice. I will be traveling back to Ethiopia to lead
him and at least 40 others through our advanced trainings. Recently Mulat messaged me that he
“happened to be” in Thailand for a 4-week training event. He said, “I am so passionate about
reaching and discipling youth that I have told all the leaders here about globalLead.” One of those
leaders is Jason (named changed for security), who is a campus ministry leader in Pakistan (formally
known as The Islamic Republic of Pakistan). Mulat, from Ethiopia, has been invited by Jason, in
Pakistan, to come and lead the globalLead trainings for his teams at multiple locations in
Pakistan. God is amazingly connecting passionate Christ-focused ministry leaders around the globe
to utilize the trainings we have put together. Pray with Jason and Mulat as they make plans for
trainings in 2020. Pakistan is a very hostile and difficult place to preach Christ. Often times new converts have to leave their families for their safety and be protected by other believers.


globalLead International Leadership

Did you know that globalLead has a wonderful group of leaders that oversee and lead the ministry? Any good non-profit organization has a quality team as its board and top-level leaders to lead, guide, and protect the ministry. At globalLead, God has been expanding this group over the past year. We have added leadership in paid (support raised) roles as well as new board members, and some very key highly committed volunteers. This team includes local leaders, but also those from Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Arkansas! These participants provide oversight and accountability for the integrity of the mission, both in
terms of Biblical standing, financial integrity, and accountable oversight. You can be assured that your support is being stewarded well and used in a God-honoring manner. At globalLead we as staff welcome
the accountability and oversight but the globalLead international board is also required to financially support the ministry alongside you as well.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers. You are people who ma]er to God, and you continuously show your care to His people that we care deeply about around the globe!

Chris Davis, Executive Director, globalLead