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A few times every year we gather writings, stories, and pictures from our members around a certain theme and print it in a church magazine. We hope these reflections on life and spirituality will be a blessing and encouragement to you as you seek after our Savior.

Spring/Summer 2019

Theme: Change

Spring/Summer 2018

Theme: Love Your Neighbor

Winter 2017

Theme: Missions

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The Berean Blog

The Berean Family is so excited to announce the launch of RightNow Media for all members and regular attenders!   Starting today this huge resource is FREE to you. Thousands of Bible Studies, Kids series, and Christian resources that are all designed to grow you in your faith. Watch this video for an introduction to…

The Apostle Paul and Timothy had a wonderful relationship.  They were very close.  In fact, Paul often called Timothy, who was much younger, his ‘son’.   Paul had left Timothy in Ephesus to lead the church there while Paul continued his travels.  Things became increasingly difficult in Ephesus, and Timothy was ready to leave, so Paul…

The SURGE Student Ministries staff launched a daily video series to stay in touch with their students during the Coronavirus Quarantine ! The series is called “The Outbreak” with Phil and Matt trying to help our students survive the Coronavirus Outbreak by making them laugh, giving them some facts, and challenging them to live for…

We are experiencing a cultural moment of fear, uncertainty, and apprehension unlike almost anything I have seen in my lifetime. The Coronavirus Outbreak is reminiscent of 9/11, the Kennedy assassination, and Pearl Harbor. Historical moments like these are unforgettable because of the intense emotions they elicit.  Fear.  Worry.  Anxiety.  Heartbreak.  In moments like this the…

I’ll bet many of you remember the story of Zacchaeus.  If you went to Sunday school as a child, I’m pretty sure you would have heard about him.  In fact, I can remember a song we used to sing in Sunday school about Zacchaeus.  Do you remember?  I wonder why this story is confined to…

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