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A few times every year we gather writings, stories, and pictures from our members around a certain theme and print it in a church magazine. We hope these reflections on life and spirituality will be a blessing and encouragement to you as you seek after our Savior.

Spring/Summer 2018

Theme: Love Your Neighbor

Winter 2017

Theme: Missions

Spring 2017

Theme: Redemption

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The Berean Blog

“This blog will be a bit controversial as there are good arguments on both sides.”

“Studying Proverbs I ran across 13:22 and it begins with, “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children…” I can’t help but think of Pa, and how he left us an inheritance that is full of love.”

We have reached the place in the story where Queen Esther is giving a banquet for the king and Haman.  (Remember it was Haman who concocted the plot to kill all the Jews in the kingdom.)  Also at this banquet, Esther has promised to tell the king what is troubling her.  She said to him,…

In the last blog, we discovered that Queen Esther agrees to talk to the king and try to persuade him not to follow through with the advice of his chief advisor to execute all the Jews in the kingdom.   So, Esther goes to the king and asks him and Haman, the advisor, to come to…

  Let me quickly give you some background for the Book of Esther.  Early in the Book, we discover that Xerxes, king of Persia, is staging a ‘beauty pageant’ in order to select his new wife.  Esther, a Jew living in the region enters the pageant and wins.  Esther is made queen of Persia.  Now…

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