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    We photograph the kids of Berean throughout the year (for special events & activities) and would like to share these pictures on our website and bulletin boards. We do not put any information (including names) of the children on the internet. If it would be okay to use your kid's pictures, please sign the release below. “I give permission to Berean Baptist Church to use my children's photographs on their website and bulletin boards. I release them from any responsibility of harm that may arise from the inclusion of the photographs on their website."
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    Workers are to release children in their care to parents, guardians or persons specifically authorized to pick up the children. Only children in 1st grade or higher may be exempted. By marking "yes" I hereby relinquish Berean Baptist Church, it's employees and volunteers from all responsibility for any damage to property or injury to others that may result from my child being unsupervised. I understand that if problems result from my child being unsupervised that this exemption can be revoked by Berean Baptist Church or the parent. If a teacher wishes to speak with you, they have the authority to hold your child until you come to pick them up.