Berean Kids exists to engage, establish, equip, and enable kids and families to know and follow Jesus.

At Berean we take safety very seriously with our little ones. For this reason we do electronic check-in for every event with childcare. You can save time now by completing Pre-Registration (Click Here or the Button Above)!

Good News!  We have a target date set for the relaunch of Berean Kids! 

If you’d prefer, your kids are always welcome to join us in Family Worship on Saturdays at 6:30pm, or Sundays at 9am or 11am.  We’ll have goodie bags full of fun things for the kids who attend worship service.

Here are the details:

Please feel free to contact any of the people listed here with any questions or needs:

Pastor Phil Leineweber (Family Pastor)

Kelly Canfield (Director of Berean Kids)

Sonya Lieb (Administrative Assistant)

Age Group Details


Our goal is to create a safe, healthy and loving environment for your infant, baby and toddler so that they (and you) may enjoy your time with us. Please feel free to contact the people listed below if you have any needs or questions.

Pastor Phil Leineweber (Family Pastor)

Kelly Canfield (Director of Berean Kids)

Sonia Tingley (Nursery Coordinator)


Our volunteer staff loves preschoolers and we are excited to have the privilege of ministering to your children in the name of the Lord!

We know that preschoolers are active and love to have fun, so whave developed a ministry that allows children with different learning styles to experience God’s love in ways they can understand.

We pray your preschoolers will love Jesus and others more because of their time with us!

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns:

Pastor Phil Leineweber (Family Pastor)

Kelly Canfield (Director of Berean Kids)

Tessa Mowry (Preschool Coordinator)


Every child is made different and we seek to reach children according to their learning style. We hope the relationships your children form with peers and teachers encourage them to grow in godliness.

We have lots of fun here as we follow Jesus and we want your children to have fun, too, as they follow us following the Lord!

Pastor Phil Leineweber (Family Pastor)

Kelly Canfield (Director of Berean Kids)

Rita Wallace (ElementaryCoordinator)


Our concern for the safety of all the children in our ministry flows from the love Christ has placed in our hearts for all people. Please feel free to contact Pastor Phil Leineweber at with any concerns or questions.

Creating a safe environment requires three steps: Screening, Supervision and Reporting.

These steps are laid out in our Guidelines for Berean Baptist Church Children’s Ministry Volunteers. Copies are available upon request.

  • Supervision: There are two adults in every room. An adult “Hall Guardian” patrols the children’s ministry area. There are windows in all the doors. Men are not allowed to change diapers or enter the bathrooms.
  • Screening: All the volunteers in direct contact with children have had a background check, filled out applications and reference checks. They must attend Berean for 6 months before they can volunteer.
  • Reporting: Volunteers are trained in how to report signs of abuse.


MOPS stands for “Mothers of Preschoolers” – but don’t let that confuse you. MOPS is about meeting the needs of every mom of a child from conception through kindergarten by supporting and encouraging them. Being moms is what brings us together and allows us to build a community, and a MOPS group allows you to meet and build friendships with moms in your local community. The early years of being a mom are just as foundational to you as they are to your baby, and those years are filled with unique needs that other moms instinctively understand.

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