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We are excited to announce that the congregation voted with over 95% approval to call Pastor Isaiah Combs as Berean’s next worship pastor!

Feel free to read more about Isaiah below!


Isaiah came to Christ at a young age while growing up in a pastor’s home. He felt a call to ministry as a young man but resisted this call and at age 18 and joined the U.S. Air Force. He quickly excelled in leadership and rose through the ranks, attended leadership training, and oversaw base security and a large number of security force personnel, God was still working in his life to develop him into the man he is today. He returned to the Lord at age 23 not long after meeting his now wife, Leone. They have had five beautiful children together (pictured above).

Isaiah submitted to God’s leading and moved back to Michigan to serve at his home church. Not long later he was hired and within a few years was overseeing the worship ministry. Here Isaiah served for the last six years as the worship pastor at River Church in Michigan, a multi-site church that averaged over 6,000 at all locations, and 2,500+ at the location where he led. He also oversaw and developed campus worship pastors at all of the other River Church campuses.

Isaiah loves leading, developing people, singing, and playing the piano. He loves his family and has a high level of integrity. He has directed various choirs and utilized them in worship sets. He also wrote and directed a passion play that saw around 6,000 people attend!

His wife, Leone, loves being involved in ministry alongside of Isaiah, she has unique strengths in the digital arts and technology.

Recently, Isaiah and Leone felt a strong certainty that God was leading them to serve elsewhere but did not know where. After several months of preparation, they resigned in good standing from River Church and have been seeking God’s leading for their next place of ministry and service.

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Q & A with Isaiah

Describe your preferred worship style?

The Bible says to worship in Spirit and in truth. My preferred style of worship is spirit filled worship that is based in truth. All worship should be God centered and God glorifying.

If leading worship onstage, how do you prefer to lead?

I am comfortable leading with or without an instrument. I don’t believe I have to lead every song. I should be developing a team around me that can lead as well.

How would you describe your leadership style offstage?

My leadership can be described in two words, People and preparation. As a leader I should be leading, loving, discipling, shepherding, teaching, developing and encouraging people. As a leader my preparation is very important. Preparation is all the things I do months in advance or during the week to prepare for gatherings. Preparation is everything done that no body ever sees to make gatherings and the leading of people possible.

Would you describe yourself as a creator, developer, or manager (or any combination)?

I would describe myself as a developing manager. I love the process of developing people to be better. I believe you are only as good as the team around you. If you are not developing the people you manage, you are failing them and yourself. I also love to be creative. We are made in the image of God and he is the Creator of everything. It is built into us to create and be creative.

What do you most enjoy about working with worship teams?

The best part of leading a worship team is seeing the development in people. Watching a person who has the ability to lead grow and harness it to be used to glorify God. Also a worship team should be a positive environment of imperfect people, Working toward a common goal. That goal should be to worship God to the best of our abilities.

What do you think your greatest creative contribution is to a team?

My leadership allows for people on the team and myself to be creative. Without organization there is no time or space for creativity. I encourage the team to be creative and always remain open to new ideas.

Please describe your theology/philosophy of worship.

Hebrews 13:15 Through him then let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, this is the fruit of the lips that acknowledges his name.
Worship should be God centered and God glorifying.

What are your thoughts on intergenerational worship?

A healthy church should have mature believer and new believers. A lot of the time mature believers are older men and women who should be discipling the younger generation of new believers. Worship should be intergenerational. I enjoying singing hymns as much as newer worship music. Both should be used and we should remember who we are worshiping, not our preferences.

What are other areas of interests/experiences/skills besides music that will enhance your ministry?

I am called as a Pastor to teach, preach, disciple, and be a spiritual leader in the church. This is all done alongside my calling as a worship leader.

What has been your greatest discovery about ministry thus far (something that affects the way you serve/lead)?

The power of God is the Gospel Romans 1:16 and God will build his church Mathew 16:18. I cannot build a church on my own power and God doesn’t need me. I am thankful God chooses to use me in spite of my failures and shortcoming. My greatest discovery is getting myself out of the way and letting God use me anyway he wants.

What will be your strongest contribution to Berean be as a leader in the worship ministry?

I pride myself on hard work, resilience and leadership. These can and are great contributing to a worship team

Does your spouse serve in the worship ministry?

My wife serves on the tech team. The tech team is a very important part of the worship team. They make us sound and look good.

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