This summer, even in the midst of COVID-19, Berean is seeing some exciting growth!

Over the past several years Berean has been building an intern program that has more than doubled in size just from last year with seven summer interns in the summer of 2020 (pictured above).

Why the Summer Intern Program?

1. To Invest in the Next Generation of Leaders

The church needs to stop exporting its responsibility to raise up the next generation of church leadership. Higher education does not equate to being qualified or prepared for spiritual leadership. Spiritual maturity and ministry service is better caught than taught. That is, through life-on-life programs in the local church where we have mature and experienced ministry practitioners come alongside developing leaders we will have better return for our investment. 

The Intern Program does not just hire summer “help” to do busy work. It intentionally structures the internship around mentorship and community. Discipleship must be relational. We leverage the time we get to spend around our interns to help realize spiritual growth in their lives.

2. To Execute Summer Ministry Initiatives 

Summer is an amazing time especially for family ministry and traditionally we have executed some very large outreach events. Last year we had over 200 children participate in our MegaSports Camp outreach with over 100 volunteers involved. We also had around 75 teenage students do a local mission trip in our region and 20 more students and leaders go on an overseas trip. Additionally, we had community events for kids, students, and young adults! All of these activities require a lot of man power and effort, the intern team helps us execute these special projects.

3. To Reach the Next Generation 

This summer we are doing more to unleash our intern team to reach their own generation than ever before. We launched “The Gathering,” a community event with worship, teaching, and fellowship for young adults ages 18-28. The first week of this gathering, which happens every Saturday night at 7:45pm, had the most young adults of any event we have had for this age group in recent history. Knowing that these young people are the “missing generation” in churches right now we are so excited for how God is going to use our intern team to take back ground in Generation Z and young Millennials. We believe that giving our interns ownership not only equips them to lead the church in the future but “gives them the keys” to lead the church today.

How Can You Help?


Pray that God uses this summer and our ministry endeavors for His glory and our good. Pray that our interns experience growth personally and vocationally as they seek to develop their calling. Pray that our young adult gathering engages many 18-28 year-olds this summer. Pray that summer outreach and community events are effective in drawing people closer to Jesus.


We have been overwhelmed by our church’s generosity over the last several months. It has been said that nothing happens at Berean until someone gives (of their time, treasure, and talent). If you are a giver YOU MAKE THE INTERN PROGRAM HAPPEN! You are one of the reasons we have the ability to invest in these high-caliber young leaders. If you want to continue to support Berean as we make disciples in our community and around the world and seek to raise up the next generation of spiritual leadership you can give online here or by clicking “Online Giving” above.

Interested in the Summer Intern Program?

Apply here for our Summer 2021 Team.

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