Introducing: Alex Rivas - Summer Intern

1. Tell us a little about yourself? Where are you from?

My name is Alex and I’m an upcoming senior studying Youth Ministry at Moody and I’m a Chicago native, so if you ever see a Sox hat, it’s probably me.

2. What is your connection to Berean? Involvement in Church/SURGE?

I found out about this opportunity through my fiance Alyssa, a fellow intern. I’ve never attended SURGE or Berean, but I have been very involved in my church back in Chicago. I’ve been involved in smallgroup leadership, fellowship night leading, and nursery as well.

3. Why this internship?

To be honest, it fulfills the requirements for my internship for Moody. I have to serve in a full-time capacity at a church’s youth group in order to complete the Youth Ministry program. But not only that, I chose to serve here because it is very different from my upbringing through my church back home and figured this would be a very stretching and molding experience. I also really look forward to building deep relationships with the youth.

4. What is your life verse and why? (or a verse that is important to you)

My life verse is Matthew 6:33. It was this verse, and the passage within it that drew me to surrender my life to the Lord. I live in constant fear of tomorrow and what it might bring and if people are to ask me what my plans are for the future I sometimes say “I don’t even know what’s happening tomorrow”. But I find hope in this verse because it tells me where to orient my heart. And not only that, this verse followed by the assurance of provision for my life. Which brings me comfort and hope to continue onward.

5. Where do you see yourself in five years?

I would hope to be serving in some capacity in a youth ministry at a church and be able to do that for a while. However, if I’m called to be a janitor or a labor worker, that’s not a problem either. I would hope that wherever I end up it’ll be a place where I can serve others and be a light for Christ in where I’m at. But what I am sure of is I’ll be married to Alyssa, so that’s cool. 🙂

6. How can the church pray for you?

Please pray for my adjustment to living in a new place with very little people that I know. Within about a week of being here, it has become easy for me to shelter myself and not go out and seek community, but pray I would find it here. Living in Mansfield is a big change from Chicago so please pray for that as well. Thank you.

Watch an Interview/Devo with Alex


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