At Berean Baptist Church our Mothers of Preschoolers group (MOPS) is one of our most special ministries. It helps serve and encourage young mothers no matter where they are on their journey. Every year we have dozens of moms who join table groups that have both a table leader and a mentor mom who are there to care for the other mothers at their table.

The group meets twice monthly on Tuesday mornings, has childcare for birth-PreK aged children, and gives the opportunity to connect with other moms, hear encouraging words to help get you through this season of your life and even receive some practical advice about how to thrive as a mother. This year we have expanded MOPS by adding MOMSNEXT which allows mom’s with children out of the PreK season to still be part of this vibrant, life-giving community. If you have not yet signed up and are interested in joining there are still a few spots left so sign-up today!

Listen to Dawn’s story about how MOPS impacted her and her family…

Dawn Morton’s Story

MOPS…. Where do I begin?

Dawn Morton with her husband Buck and their three children.

When I first heard of MOPS, I had no idea what it stood for or what it entailed.  My friend Julie had invited me to MOPS and explained that we would have speakers, crafts and food,  and that our kids would be in their own class so we would have alone time without our kiddos.  Little did I know the Lord was ready to do a work in my life.

At the time, I had a one year old, I was pregnant with our middle daughter Laurel, and we had just found out that my mom had cancer.  Buck and I went to church once in a while, but I had never learned about having a relationship with God. 

I remember my first meeting.  When Carol prayed, I was shocked.  I had never heard anyone pray like that before.  I went home telling my husband that I felt closer to God in the basement of this church called Berean than I did in my church growing up.

MOPS was so wonderful.  I had met some great girls and I loved my mentor mom, Connie.  It amazed me to see the faith these ladies had.  I could feel a yearning for more each time I went.  I was also very emotional at almost every meeting.  I just cried all the time.  Looking back, I know that Jesus was working on my heart.  I would listen to the speakers in awe of their testimonies and how I related to so many of them… even realizing that Christian woman had sinful pasts like me.

After one of our meetings in the spring, my mentor mom sensed that she didn’t want to leave me alone that day.  She came over with lunch and she and I talked for more than two hours.  I knew that was the day.  I told her I wanted to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  She prayed with me in my kitchen and I was made new.  Over time, my husband agreed to visit Berean and he was saved as well.  Our whole family legacy has changed!!

I don’t know where I would be today without MOPS.  I am so thankful for that group of women and how God used MOPS for my salvation and the salvation of our family.  It is such a vital ministry in our church and I so glad to have been a part of it.

How can you help?

We have need of more MOPS children’s workers who can help provide childcare for infants through Pre-Kindergarten. This is such a valuable ministry to these young moms who look forward to this much needed respite from the daily task of shepherding their little ones. Are you interested in signing up to help once or twice a month on a Tuesday morning for a few hours? If so…e-mail with your information or call the church office and we will plug you in!

Are you a mother who needs a break? Are you looking for a community who will help minister to you? Do you feel like you are drowning in the task of motherhood? We have a few spots still open for this 2019-2020 MOPS season, follow the link below to find out more information and register.

Click for More Information about MOPS/MOMSNEXT

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