Every summer Berean takes on summer interns to help with summer ministry and outreach. They assist in almost all areas of ministry at Berean and are a integral part of our strategy to equip the next generation of church leaders. Take a moment a read about our 2019 summer interns below and if you see them around make sure to say hello!

Alex Seher


Hello, my name is Alex Seher. I am a Senior at Cedarville University. I am working toward a Molecular Biology Degree and planning on attending medical school in the near future. I grew up in Bellville and have attended Berean Baptist Church for around 13 years. I graduated from SURGE in 2016 and looking back, I can say that I made some great memories with the youth group. My favorite take away from my youth group experience with SURGE would be the mission trips. I went on every trip that I could and I do not regret it. My favorite trips would be NYC, Kidzone/megasports camp, and Haiti.

I am super excited to be interning this summer for SUGRE. I will be working with Matt to help organize and run various Jr. High Events over the summer. These “Summer Days” as we call them will be special days out of the summer where we do a fun activity with our youth group. Activities will range from cookouts to going to the movies. Our goal is to maintain the community and friendships that were built up over the school year.

I am also excited about helping out with the Jr. High mission trips over the summer. We are planning various work projects for the Jr. High to do over the week of Reach Mansfield. I love mission trips and I look forward to working with students for the Glory of God.

Paige Massa


Hello my name is Paige Massa and I am a current sophomore at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. I am majoring in Biology and I also minoring in Ministry there. I graduated from SURGE in 2018 and this summer I have the opportunity to work with SURGE as an intern along with Alex Seher and Justin Leach.

Since sixth grade, I have been a part of SURGE and I am so excited to work with students in the place that has greatly impacted my walk with God through the years in and I want to help them do the same. One of my favorite memories from SURGE has been being a part of Reach Mansfield. This mission trip allowed me to see what being on mission looks like in my own community and how I can be a light for Jesus everyday wherever I am.

The main part of my internship will be organizing teams for high school missions this summer, including Reach Mansfield and the Dominican Republic trip, as well as helping out with any summer activities for junior highers and college students. I can’t wait to be a part of this team this summer!

Justin Leach

1JustinHello! My name is Justin. I graduated out of SURGE Student Ministries in 2016. This fall I will be attending Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and studying children and family ministry.

This summer my primary responsibility will be being a catalyst for college and young adult summer community. I’m excited about the opportunity to work with the college group and help in jump-starting this ministry to my peers.

This summer I’m looking forward to going to the Dominican Republic with the student group and also helping with our local mission trip, Reach Mansfield.


Do you have teens and are looking to have them connect or go on a mission trip this summer? We would love to hear from you! Connect with us on our student page – www.bereanfamily.com/students

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